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We specialize in
media branding
& internet marketing

WE ARE the small team, who have a trivial skills, but a bit unusual targets. We explore ideas about how new media can improve our society. 

WE PREFER to work with a social positive projects, in areas such as science, medicine, art, ecology, education, urban sphere, acktivism & hacktivism.  

WE KNOW that clicks on the web can not only make money. Clicks can change the fate of many, and sometimes even save lifes. We want to multiply these clicks.

WE BELIEVE that Internet has become a tool of social evolution and be able to make governments more open, businesses more social and people more friendly.

What we can do?



We have 7 years experience in the development of: websites, mobile applications, cloud solutions, saas-platforms, social networks. 


We can support your internet-project: solve technical problems, troubleshooting, configuration and administration of servers.


We can professionaly create a name for your Internet-project, choose a domain, design a logo and corporate identity. Look at the labels we have created in the portfolio.


We know how to promote your site in search engines (SEO), also we can setup a campaign on social networks. We can create promotion strategy appropriate for your project.


We remember that the design is how the thing works. Before proceeding to the design - we carefully set user goals and make prototype. 

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